ARES International (Asset Recovery en Environmental Services) is in 2008 in Nederland opgericht. De afgelopen jaren zijn wij uitgegroeid tot een stabiele afnemer en aanbieder van ICT apparatuur. Als specialist op het gebied van IT producten en IT beheer zijn wij voor u een professioneel partner bij het volgen, verhuizen, opslaan, testen, wederverkopen en verwijderen van uw verouderd of oud IT materiaal.


Uw partner voor wereldwijde IT-assetoplossingen.

  • Een breed assortiment
  • Uitstekende kwaliteit
  • Lage prijzen
  • Snelle bezorging
  • Een jaar beperkte garantie
  • Vertrouwde ondersteuning
  • 30 jaar IT-expertise
  • Productkennis
Koen van Leeuwen
Senior Trader Converge Amsterdam

It is a pleasure to work with Jesse and his company Ares. They are supplying good quality product for a reasonable price. The delivery is quick and secure. Had never problems with any order from them, that is why he is one of our top suppliers. Also we supply Ares parts and the quickness and smoothness that our orders go through is amazing. Also the payments are always in time, it is a pleasant company to deal and work with.

Peter K.
Account Executive

For the last 2 years I have been working with Jesse and he is sympathetic and energetic. It is pleasant to do business with him because he clearly indicates what the situation is and does what he says. Jesse have also has a lot of knowledge of the Dell products and a large network, which benefits his customers to receive the products that they are looking for at an attractive price and fast.

Mario Biemans
The Broker Site BV

ARES International B.V. has been a member of www.TheBrokerSite.com since 2008, we have no complaints listed against ARES International B.V. and we can recommend doing business with this company.